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2011 Gao Jia Shan "10 Years Aged Qian Liang Tea" Hunan Hei Cha


Brand: Gao Jia Shan

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Gao Jia Shan production made from 2006 Spring tea leaves. Pressed into a huge 32 kilogram column called "Qian Liang Cha" (aka 1000 catty tea) and then aged for 5 years before being cut into 1 kilogram slices and re-packaged into a wrapped 1 kilogram "cake". The "cake" comes as part of a limited edition set in a box with 5 single serving cubes of the tea so you don't have to break into the large cake. In the gift box is a stainless steel pick set in hardwood, which is just what you'll need to break apart the Qian Liang cake when the time comes to drink it.


Qian Liang tea is the proto-typical "Golden Flower" tea. The tea is compressed in a long column (typically 32kg) and then allowed to dry out gradually. The moisture trapped in the inner section develops the golden flowers which flourish for a time until the inner part dries enough to halt them.


The taste is spicy, sweet, thick, with hints of brewer's yeast and mushrooms. Really kind of difficult to describe, so we would encourage you to try a sample.



Spring 2006 harvest tea leaves (Packed in 2011)

1 kilogram section of Qian Liang Tea, 5 sample cubes, and a pick.