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2008 Xinghai Grade 7 Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick


Brand: Xinghai Tea Factory

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Produced by the Xinghai Tea Factory in Menghai.  Xinghai is one of the original private tea factories founded in the early 1990's by members of the Menghai Tea Factory.  Their ripe pu-erh "wet piling" technique is refined and produces high quality teas with good aging prospects.

This brick is composed of an average of grade 7 leaves (some grade 5,7, and 9 leaf grade in there).  The bricks were aged in a dryish storage condition in Guangdong, giving the bricks a nice semi-aged feel and no wet pile taste.  Very easy to brew and difficult to over-brew.  Sweet and camphor for many many infusions.  Burgundy hued transparent tea soup.

250 grams per brick