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Kanjiao Natural Farming Cui Yu "Midnight Jade" Oolong Tea - Winter 2022

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Re-creating the exact same tea is already a difficult task, imagine improving that foundation to a whole new level. This tea is our answer to not just the re-creation of "Night Jade," the very popular Cui Yu oolong we made at the end of 2019, but more of the answer to ourselves, of what we can actually create from what we learnt.  


We discovered the new processing method back in the summer of 2021, since then all the teas were made under the same guideline. This new method solved the problem that had been bothering us for a long time which allowed us to completely utilize the elements inside the tea leaves. However, we knew that was just a start. In the past one year and half we had been contemplating the new possibility of this new start, and this possibility was finally realized on this "Midnight Jade" ── a tea that is even more flavorful, deeper, and playful with its excellent material.  


Almost stunt like, the advent of this remarkable tea is the demonstration of the perfection combination between the farmer, the processor, and the roaster. Together we were able to work beautifully and have this tea happen. Master Zhuang's upgrade of charcoal material gave more depth to all of the teas this season including this "Midnight Jade." May this tea be the companion to anyone who is seeking a peaceful and calm midnight as it goes deeper into the silence. 



Harvest: 2022 Winter / 貳零貳貳 冬

Varietal: Cui Yu / 翠玉

Elevation: 350 M / 參佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Kanjiao Village / 崁腳村

Fermentation Level: 35% / 分之 參拾伍

Roast Level: 3 / 參 分 



 Waiting water for boiling......


 Waiting water for boiling......


 "Aura Jade," "Aura Emerald," and "Sunshine Jade" provided the founding stone for this tea everyone loves. Even an old dog was surprised while trying this tea with the panda while he was in Taiwan. There are multiple layered to be savoured with this Cui Yu tea. 



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