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Songboling Natural Farming Cui Yu "Ruby Jade" Black Tea - Summer 2018


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

We have been emphasizing the difference of "fermentation" and "oxidation" since the winter of 2017, and we believe a lot of tea lovers are still confused of this concept. In order to solve this riddle of tea, we decide to use a very easily misinterpreted type of tea - black tea to demonstrate the core concept behind it, and therefore this "Ruby Jade" was born. 


And this is not a Ruby 18 varietal black tea. The name "Ruby Jade" came from its colour and varietal, but more importantly, its intrinsic quality. This black tea is intentionally to be made into a way that is very similar to jade oolong, which means it is oxidized rather than fermented, which results a high profile aroma character but lighter body compared to our fermented black tea. This is still a delicious tea, and is probably what most people has been familiar in the past decades, but how it feels is on the opposite direction of all the other black teas we are offering this summeer.


Cui Yu has been a neglected varietal for too long, but we have been trying to develop as much possibility as possible since last winter. This Cui Yu will deliver a pleasant chocolate like body to the palate with its unique aroma. If you are looking for a black tea to cool down from this summer, this tea will be your best choice!



Harvest: Summer 2018 / 夏 貳零壹捌

Varietal: Cui Yu / 翠玉

Elevation: 350 M / 參佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Songboling / 松柏嶺

Oxidation Level: 85% / 分之 捌拾伍

Roast Level: 0 / 無

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