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Travel Tea Set and Bamboo Tea Tray * 4 Person Service


Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

If you want to travel and do gong fu tea brewing this small all inclusive tea set is the best choice!  This set includes a tea tray, brewing device, 4 cups, a tea towel and bamboo tongs!

A Zipper Case - Comes in a pleasing olive green color with a strap that can be lengthened enough to sling over your shoulder.  The whole set with carrying case is less than 1 kilogram in weight!

The Tea Tray - It's made from high density bamboo and has been sealed using high quality sealant that seals and protects from moisture but lacks a stinky chemical smell.  The Dimensions are 23cm x 12cm x 3.5cm

The Brewing Device - It's made from glass, bamboo, ceramic and features a silicone plastic base so it's makes soft and quiet contact with the tea tray.  The bamboo sheath stays cool and can be removed when you want to clean the glass.  The infuser core is ceramic and features a classic Jingdezhen style flower motif.  The lid is also ceramic in the same floral pattern as the infuser core and cups.  The volume of the brewing device with the infuser core inserted is 190ml.

The Cups - Classic and elegant shape with matching flower pattern.  4 cups in total, each is 40ml

The Tea Towel - it's microfiber, super abosorbent and is 29cm x 19cm

The Tongs - Perfect for handling the cups these bamboo tongs are tight gripping and symmetrical.  18cm in length

To summarize what you get in this set:
1 Zipper Case

1 Bamboo Tea Tray

1 Brewing Device with Removable Infuser Core and Lid

4 Cups

1 Tea Towel

1 Set of Bamboo Tongs