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Meishan Natural Farming Jin Xuan "Golden Toad" Oolong Tea - Spring 2019


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

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We have received lots of request to carry "milky oolong" on our shelf since this specific oolong was disappeared from our website for more than a year, and we really don't want Jin Xuan varietal to be called "milky oolong," because with a properly done traditional process this varietal has more to offer than "milkiness" such as this "Lily Fairy" from 2018 winter. 

To let tea lovers understand this varietal even more, we asked Mr. Jian, who grows the naturally farmed Jin Xuan varietal at Meishan area and has been using this varietal to make GABA oolong, to allow us process his Jin Xuan varietal into a traditional way. By doing so we also wish to convince him that a properly processed traditional oolong tea will have better GABA effect than GABA tea carries due to delicate withering and natural activation of tea fermentation.


Mr. Jian has his own factory, but it is however to small to produce the mass quantity his plantation is able to offer. So like lots of farmers in the so called "Alishan" tea area, Mr. Jian sent his material to a bigger factory to do the processing. This kind of OEM practice is very common, but we were just there borrowing the space and equipment to complete our own task. Due to its steep mountain slope, the space we were able to do our practice was relatively limited, so the quantity of this tea is extremely small compared to the hundreds of kilos routine production. 


This Jin Xuan turned out to be as pleasant as we predicted. It is like our "Citrus Drop," a little bit similar to what you want for a "jade oolong." Lighter body and refreshing feeling. However, this "Golden Toad" is still not a jade oolong at all, just like "Citrus Drop," for its traditional fermentation technique that is totally different from one. This "Golden Toad" we created offers a pungent fruit aroma and full body a oolong tea should be. Jin Xuan varietal can be more than just a "milky oolong," and we hope this tea will convince you with joy. 



Harvest:  Spring 2019 / 春 貳零壹玖

Varietal:  Jing Xuan /  金萱

Elevation:  700 M / 柒佰 公尺

Region:  Alishan / 阿里山 

Fermentation Level:  20% / 分之 貳拾

Roast Level:  0~2 / 零至貳 分



 Warming the water up......


Quite a lovely soft creamy scent easy to enjoy and savor. Flavor is bold but not overpowering. Definitely more than 'milky' in terms of character. Good potency! I'm kind of always surprised by the artisan processing our old dog utilizes that makes these teas so clearly discernable in the body-mind.


 Warming the water up......