Kanjiao Natural Farming Cui Yu "Aura Jade" Oolong Tea - Summer 2021


Brand: Taiwan Sourcing

Weight: 25 grams

Just as we thought their were no more possibility for Cui Yu, a new processing method was discovered this summer. Such progress was quite a surprise for us, because we are now able to create teas that has even more possibilities in itself. 


The farmer of this tea, Mr. Chen, had quite a struggle with our decision of machine plucking. First of all, that has never been done before. Most importantly, due to opulant rain, the tea trees had grown way too fast as we first expected. This means machine plucking willl create lots of "extremely long" material, a sign of trouble for most of the tea maker. However, we insisted that we were able to work on such material without problem. Mr. Chen was convinced since we have been creating some amazing results in the past few years, and so began the creation of this "Aura Jade."


The tea turned out very "powerful" that you can almost "erupt" with it. The taste is strong for sure, but maybe the "Qi" side was what made it stood out among the crowd. For many tea lovers, it is not a surprise to get wonderful teas of summer season from Taiwan Sourcing, however it will be a very different experience this summer. 



Harvest:   2021 Summer / 貳零貳壹 夏

Varietal:  Cui Yu / 翠玉

Elevation:  350 M / 參佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Kanjiao Village / 崁腳村

Fermentation Level:  35% / 分之 參拾伍

Roast Level:  3 / 參 分 



 Waiting water for boiling......


 Waiting water for boiling......


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