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2014 Xinghai "Bu Bu Gao Sheng" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake


Brand: Xinghai Tea Factory

Weight: 1 Cake (357 Grams)

Lovely blend of ripe pu-erh tea from Nannuo and Bulang areas of Xishuangbanna!  Tippy, thick, and aromatic!

Xinghai tea factory is the 2nd producer of ripe tea in Menghai town (after Menghai tea factory), and has an excellent "wo dui" fermentation process.  This tea was aged in a dry Guangdong storage and has already lost it's "wo dui" (wet pile) taste.

The tea brews up a deep, dark but clear burgundy-brown tea soup.  The taste is sweet with a expansive lubricating taste and feeling in the mouth.  Very warming and velvety!  Both subtle and complex at the same time, a high quality tea leaf was used, each session lasting many infusions.

Bu Bu Gao Sheng (步步高升) means "step by step, attain eminence!"

357 Grams per cake

2014 Pressing