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2020 Hai Lang Hao "Yun Hua" Bu Lang Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea


Brand: Hai Lang Hao

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This is a premium ripe pu-erh tea made from a small wet pile batch (about 400 kilograms) composed entirely of Spring 2019 harvested Guang Bie village Bu Lang Mountain material.

The degree of wet piling is medium-light level with some green still showing in the leaves.  The cake is a blend of tippy and medium sized leaves and has a medium level of compression.

This is a potent and complex Bu Lang tea with dark chocolate bitterness, dried fruit sweet crispness.  Delivered in a creamy viscous body with a dark tea soup, this tea can go 10+ steeps gong fu style!

500 Grams per Brick

May 8th 2020 Pressing

Material Harvested from Bu Lang Mountainous area of Menghai County (Xishuangbanna).