Three Cranes "2409 Old Bush Liu Bao" Hei Cha in Basket


Brand: Three Cranes Brand (Wuzhou Tea Factory)

This is a wonderfully complex Liu Bao from Wuzhou area of Guangxi.  It was harvested and processed in 2014 from old bushes, and then packed into baskets in 2017.  

This Liu Bao is very cleanly stored with little to no mustiness.  The taste is thick, sweet with earth and wood flavors and a long lasting hui gan.  The leaves that come in the basket are not a specific leaf grade but rather reflects the 2 leaf to 1 bud picking style used to harvest the tea.  After wet piling the tea was stored for 3 years before being packed into baskets and boxed.

900 grams per basket

** If you order the whole basket in the gift box we will pack well to protect the box and basket but cannot guarantee the outer packaging won't be damaged during transit.  No returns or discounts due to damage to the gift box or basket!