2005 Xiaguan "Holy Flame" Raw Pu-erh Tea Mushroom Tuo


Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Xiaguan tea factory has been producing this mushroom tuo for a long longtime.It is consumed by the people of western Yunnan and Tibet as a staple.Typically it is brewed as a component of Yak Butter tea. The brew consists of Pu-erh tea, churned Yak Butter, salt, and a touch of raw sugar also in brick form. Occasionaly hemp seeds are added to the brewfor a nutty flavor. This tea is referred to as "jin cha" by theTibetan people. The flavor is bold and stimulating, this brick also ages well.  Xiaguan has producing the "Tibetan Flame"brand for almost 50 years.  Until the 90's Xiaguan Tea Factory wasowned by the government and was obligated to produce and deliver these bricks to the Tibetan peoples living in Yunnan and Tibet.

The blend is rough but with a strong flavor and thick after-taste.  There is a slight smokiness and you may find the Xiaguan tea factroy has seen fit to add a few ripe pu-erh leaves to the mix.  

These tuos were purchased by YSLLC in 2005 and have been stored in our warehouse in Kunming since!


Net Weight: 250 grams (purchase 3 tuos and get them in their original packaging)

Ingredients: Yunnan Large leaf varietal fermented pu-erh

Produced by Xiaguan Tea Factory